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Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School


Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School

Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School

Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School

PHS Mission, Vision, Core Values

We Are Pirate Strong!!


Download the PHS Extra-Curricular Handbook here


Phoenix High School is dedicated to providing equitable co-curricular opportunities, which will enhance the intellectual, physical, social, moral and cultural development of the whole person.  Win or lose, PHS students will demonstrate a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and show respect for all.


Foster students and programs that succeed at the highest level athletically and academically while developing the necessary character traits and skills students need to be successful members of the community.


Phoenix High School Athletics & Activities Department


Extra-curricular programs will prepare students for success by encouraging involvement,

development of character and positive individual traits, and fulfillment of competitive desires.

The student-athlete will learn the value of practice, fair play, conditioning, self-discipline,

adherence to rules and policies, willingness to work, ability to persist even when losing, and an

ability to analyze why they lost and how to compensate for it. They will learn to be humble in

victory and to learn from defeat. The student will gain an appreciation for teamwork and ethical conduct while fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community. In the effort to offer a cohesive and coordinated educational program, the district insists upon ethical behavior and good citizenship of its students not only in extra-curriculars, but also in school, in the classroom, in the home, and within the community. As the needs of the student body change, the extra-curricular programs will be dynamic in their focus and consideration of new opportunities for student participation. The competition within each program provides a setting for Phoenix High School students, staff and community members to demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for others, both in victory and defeat. Our families, school and community should be able to take pride in the participants, coaches, advisors and themselves who represent Phoenix High School.


Extra-curricular Program Goals in General

1. The extra-curricular program should realize the value of participation without

    overemphasizing the importance of winning or excelling. This will be particularly

    emphasized at the sub-varsity level(s).

2. The extra-curricular program should develop and improve positive citizenship traits among

    the program’s participants.

3. The extra-curricular program should emphasize the total educational curriculum to


4. The extra-curricular program should constantly strive for the development of well-rounded

    individuals, capable of taking their place in modern society.

5. The extra-curricular program should provide genuine opportunities for students to

    develop positive habits and attitudes and social skills.

6. The extra-curricular program should provide a superior program of student activities that

    includes appropriate activities for every student.


Core Values

The following are the Key Core Values that coaches will be teaching and student will be learning during their participation in athletics and activities at Phoenix High School: