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Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School


Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School

Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School

Pirate Athletics & Activities

Phoenix High School


Something for everyone at PHS

PHS offers a wide variety of clubs that can fit with any interest area. Check out the list below. (groups listed in BOLD compete/perform in off-campus events)

American Sign Language Club: Advisor: Mrs. Hanson

Art Club: Advisor: Ms. Rollins

Athletic Excellence Club: Advisor: Mr. Barber

Bowling Club: Advisor: Mr. Ehrhardt

Brain Bowl: Advisor: Mr. Theiring

Chess Club: Advisor: Mrs. Campbell

Color Guard: Advisor: Maggie Taylor-Cheek

DECA (Marketing Club): Advisor: Ms. Farrimond

Disney Club: Advisor: Mrs. Campbell

Dungeons & Dragons Club: Advisor: Mr. Stalp

Equestrian Team: Advisor: Ms. Rollins

FFA (Agriculture Club): Advisor: Mrs. Madsen

Gaming Club: Advisor: Mr. Lycett

Harry Potter Club: Advisor: Mr. Plouhar

Impact Club: Advisors: Mrs. Hanson & Mrs. Sandlin or

Kindness Club: Advisor: Mrs. Campbell

LGBTQIA+ Club: Advisor: Mrs. Gordon-Williams

Magic: The Gathering Club: Advisor: Mrs. Zaky

Marching Band: Advisor: Mr. DeRoest

Math Team: Advisor: TBD

Multi-Cultural Club: Advisor: Mrs. Mendoza

National Honor Society: Advisor: Ms. Williams

Paranormal Club: Advisor: Ms. Zignego

Pokémon Club: Advisor: Ms. Farrimond

Rummikub Club: Advisor: Mrs. Sandlin

Student Mediation / Dispute Resolution: Advisor: Mr. Cornet

Taylor Swift Club: Advisor: Mrs. Knutson

Theater Club: Advisor: Mr. Doty

Tight Knit Yarn Club: Advisor: Mrs. Johnson

UNO Club: Advisor: Mrs. Campbell

Volleyball (Boys): Mr. Richardson

WII Club: Advisor: Mrs. Chapman